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The Hronologica project is a collective information web-service for chronological structuring of public information, its logical analysis, and relationships, as well as an overview of simply interesting and useful information in user-friendly formats. Created for self-development, communication, and promotion of services and abilities of everyone.

In order to increase understanding of the events or processes taking place around, to understand the large flow of information in your city, country, or World, Hronologica calls for the help of the collective intelligence of users and also relies on your active participation.

Hronologica provides an opportunity for each visitor to apply their knowledge and abilities, and contribute to the development of the project:

  • writing an article or comments;
  • providing interesting topics and materials;
  • analytics of events or data volume;
  • development of new services and functionality.

When reporting on news events, opinions, or news reports, Hronologica welcomes:

  • materials from reliable primary sources without torn out context;
  • availability of a factual base;
  • understanding the chronology of events;
  • constructive analysis and dialogue with logical conclusions.

Hronologica can be of interest to everyone, including official organizations.

We hope that you will have an interesting time, receive new and useful information for yourself and your family, as well as answers to your questions!

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